Providing ongoing advisory support for the development of CWIS SAP

Date: December 1, 2020
Client: Athena Infonomics 
Donor: BMGF
Regions: Eastern Africa, 
Countries:  Zambia, Kenya, 

Aguaconsult, in collaboration with Athena Infonomics and the  Eastern and Southern Africa Water and Sanitation Regulators Association, have provided ongoing advisory support for the development of the Citywide Inclusive Sanitation Services Assessment and Planning (CWIS SAP) tool, which helps decision-makers compare the outcomes of different sanitation interventions or investments based on equity, financial sustainability and safety criteria. The results from the tool enable decision-makers (i.e., utilities, regulators, ministries, local government, development finance institutions) to weigh the trade-offs between different options and assess which intervention best meets their objectives.

In 2019-2020, the Water and Sanitation Regulatory Board and Nakuru Water Supply and Sanitation Company in Kenya and the National Water and Sanitation Supply Council and Lusaka Water and Sanitation Company in Zambia piloted the tool, with Aguaconsult providing technical assistance throughout this process. Two learning briefs have been developed, which form part of ongoing series that will be updated as the CWIS SAP tool is applied on a larger scale:

  • Roll-out of CWIS SAP in Lusaka. This brief presents how CWIS SAP can be used to support the implementation of inclusive sanitation policies across the policy implementation process, with a specific focus on Zambia.
  • Regulatory use Cases. This brief explores regulatory use cases for CWIS SAP and illustrates how the tool can be applied to support regulatory processes for sanitation services. It highlights specific processes that can be enhanced by applying CWIS SAP, including disaggregating costs, identifying subsidies, allocating investment resources, and designing sanitation levies.
more information:
Learning Brief Lusaka

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