Midterm Evaluation of the USADI/El Salvador Public Service Improvement Project

Date: July 21, 2000

The purpose of the PROSAGUAS project is to reduce incidence of diarrheal diseases in children under five years by providing access to potable water supply and sanitation systems to the communities where the activities will be carried out. The Project was funded in the spring of 1998 for a five-year period.Aguaconsult provided technical input into the mid-point evaluation managed by the USAID/Washington Environmental Heath Project (EHP). This report provides the main findings of the evaluation which concluded that the Phase I WS&S program represents a major success story with regard to sustaining the benefits of the original projects over a relatively long time period. It is apparent that communities have been very resourceful, and in most cases successful, in resolving a range of problems with regard to system operation, repair, administration and financing, including the direct contracting of goods and services from the private sector. The impact of the program on general sanitary and hygiene conditions at household and community level was observed to be relatively positive, given the fact that the original program did not have an explicit health focus. In terms of incorporating the positive lessons learned from the first phase, the evaluation team considers that the PROSAGUAS program has made sincere and vigorous efforts to include new approaches and modify existing elements of the program design. These include the environmental educational component; extending the post-construction project presence to six months; the increased involvement of women in project management; monetizing work on health and environment committees, creating a paid position for health promoters and the universal installation of water meters.

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