Weekly WASH graph: visualizing WASH investment plans in Rwanda

July 25, 2018

This week's Weekly WASH Graph presents an infographic and a graph, the combination of which reflects what we think should be the core content of WASH investment plans.

The Government of Rwanda seeks to achieve universal access to basic water services by 2024. In order to achieve that target, the Government is promoting what is called a 'District-Wide Approach' (DWA). In essence, this is a roadmap for strengthening the systems needed to ensure the delivery of WASH services for the entire district. This roadmap consists of: 1) a number of assessments of the current status of WASH services, 2) a WASH investment plan to get to universal and sustainable access, and 3) the implementation of such plan.

Rwanda is not alone in this effort. In Honduras, the Para Todos, Por Siempre (Everyone, Forever) members are working with the Government to develop PEMAS (Strategic WASH plans). IRC has supported districts in Ghana and Burkina Faso to develop similar master plans. The Agenda for Change Initiative calls for similar plans to be developed and implemented in other countries of action such as Malawi and Ethiopia.

Though the scope and content of these plans may differ from one place to another, we think that the essence of these can be summarised in the form of a combination of an infographic and a graph.

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