Supporting donor monitoring of WASH services

Posted on 13/01/2015 by Ryan Schweitzer

Aguaconsult has a demonstrated track record of supporting development partners in the monitoring of WASH services. We have taken a lead role in developing and piloting innovative monitoring, evaluation, and assessment tools in the WASH sector.  For example, with funding from USAID and Rotary International, Aguaconsult developed the WASH Sustainability Index Tool (SIT), and has applied it in 7 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americans.  As a measure of its impact the WASH SIT has been applied by at least three other organizations in as many countries, and the framework has been improved and adapted for use as a tool to assess the sustainability of Integrated Water Resource Management in the Global Water for Sustainability Programme funded by USAID. The SIT is an open source tool and is available here.

Aguaconsult has provided input and critical feedback into the monitoring and evaluation strategies, platforms, and tools for various development partners including DFID, DGIS, AfDB, and USAID.  Through the Independent Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (IPME), Aguaconsult is a part of team which is assisting UNICEF develop improved monitoring systems for their programmes which are supported by DFID.  Aguaconsult together with IRC has been providing on-going support to DGIS over past few years, during which time DGIS has implemented a sustainability clause in its contracts with implementers and also engaged with governments in the creation of sustainability compacts to ensure national buy-in to supporting the interventions funded by DGIS. 

Together with our partners, Aguaconsult, has had the benefit of helping to motivate a paradigm shift towards a holistic approach to monitoring which emphasizes services over project outputs.  The keystone to this work is the Sustainable Services at Scale (Triple-S) Initiative which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.