Lessons learned on asset management

Posted on 13/01/2015 by Julia Boulenouar

Building on the recognition that asset management is a key building block for the provision of long term services, but is the area lagging most behind in the rural water sector, Aguaconsult led two pieces of research on asset management in 2014. These publications aim at equipping sector professionals with practical information on the adoption of sound practices and were developed as part of the Sustainable Services at Scale (Triple-S) initiative.

The briefing note number 9 “Infrastructure asset management for rural water supply” provides an introduction to the rationale for adopting asset management, a description of the key underlying concepts; and provides examples of steps and practices that can be taken up by practitioners.

The case study “Asset management in rural municipalities of South Africa- the example of Chris Hani and Amatole District municipalities” was developed in collaboration with Jim Gibson from Maluti Water. This piece of research carried out in South Africa, provides a detailed analysis of the promising practices of two municipalities and the challenges they continue to face, in spite of their conducive and well resourced environment. The publication will be published early 2015.