Aguaconsult leads, supports and participates in a diverse array of initiatives and exciting collaborations which influence dialogue in their respective sectors by bringing experts and organisations together to discuss and promote best practice. Here are some examples of the more innovative initiatives that we are currently involved in. 



Everyone Forever is an ambitious, deliberate, and disciplined initiative started in 2012 by Aguaconsult, IRC, Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), and Water For People (WFP) which seeks an envisioned state in water and sanitation where services last indefinitely at scale. EF is designed to model successful and universal water and sanitation service delivery across rural districts and cities, reaching the poorest and hardest to reach, and doing so in a way that uses philanthropic and donor support catalytically, declining over time, as other sources of funds are allocated to establishing and sustaining these service increases.  It will eventually lead to significantly increased scale of water and sanitation services, and national water and sanitation coverage. From there, the impact continues to ripple out on a national and global scale. With more investments and work now on sustainable and replicable water and sanitation infrastructure, there is more focus on the future… .. and forever.

The initial goal of Everyone Forever is for IRC, WSUP, Water For People to achieve Everyone Forever in 50 locations (districts and cities), in 20 countries, in three regions in the next three to five years. These will be rural, urban and small town environments that represent diverse contexts.  They will include one to three countries where all three organizations work together, build on our comparative strengths and seek to demonstrate that the vision is achievable.

Evidence on Demand.jpeg EVIDENCE ON DEMAND

Evidence on Demand is an international development information hub, providing access to quality assured resources relating to climate & environment, infrastructure and livelihoods. EoD is run a consortium led by HTSPE Ltd and IMC Worldwide Ltd and supported by DFID.  Aguaconsult is a member of the Wider Consortium of firms, networks and individuals who provide support by recruiting and mobilising consultants with relevant expertise and experience  at very short notice. Selected consultants are contracted to provide inputs into short-term projects in countries that are benefiting from DFID development assistance. As a result, we are always on the look out for consultants with significant WASH expertise in relation to climate, the environment, infrastructure and livelihoods to add to our database.



The Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) is an international network of professionals and practitioners working to raise standards of knowledge and evidence, technical and professional competence, practice and policy in rural water supply.  The vision of the organisation is a world where all rural people have access to a supply of water that is sustainable and provides appropriate level of service in terms of quantity, quality, cost, accessibility.  To achieve this vision RWSN places an emphasis on innovation, documentation, research, dissemination of best practice, and capacity building of government, civil society, and the private sector in developing countries around the world. RWSN has several thousand members representing hundreds of organizations in all continents who participate in online fora that are related to the flagship themes:

1. Accelerating Self Supply
2. Sustainable Groundwater Development
3. Equity and Access
4. Management and Support

Aguaconsult has been an active member within RWSN for many years and together with other partners has co-organized and sponsored events in coordination with the RWSN, including the WASH Sustainability Forum, the first meeting of the Management and Support Working Group, a two part series on WASH Sustainability Tools, and a six part webinar series sponsored by the Water Sanitation Programme on Professionalizing Rural and Small Town Water Supply Management which had webinars in French and English. Julia Boulenouar is the theme coordinator for the Management and Support Working Group and has helped design and organize the MWSG events as well as facilitate, moderate, and present at conferences, meetings, and during webinars. In 2011 Aguaconsult co-authored the future vision document for the RWSN SUSTAINABLEWASH.ORG

In response to the growing body of evidence demonstrating the perennial issue of non-functionality and low sustainability of WASH services, over 40 organizations gathered at the first Sustainability Forum in Washington DC in 2010, co-hosted by Aguaconsult, IRC and USAID.  These organisations gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities to achieving sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services at scale. This one event was the catalyst for the formation of the platform known as which went on to develop a set of sustainability principles, which became the WASH Sustainability Charter. This consortium composed of Aguaconsult, Global Water Challenge, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre and WASH Advocates has been active ever since. The purpose of is to act as a hub for knowledge, learning and resources that can help organisations working in the sector to improve their practices and deliver more effective and longer-lasting WASH interventions. 

The efforts of this consortium have led to new sustainability initiatives, learning forums, webinars, and presentations at global conferences. Aguaconsult has co-organized each of the five Sustainability Forums, with the most recent occurring in July 2014 in Amsterdam.  Over the years these events have brought together nearly 600 individuals from hundreds of organisations to share their experiences, highlight challenges, identify solutions, and build the body of evidence to improve best practices in the WASH sector.   For more information visit