Water.org is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), focused on pioneering innovative, market-based solutions in order to increase access to water and sanitation services. Since 2003, Water.org has been implementing WaterCredit, which provides support to financial institutions (FIs) to develop loan products for water supply and sanitation (WSS) services at the household level. Water.org, through WaterCredit, provides strategic expertise and/or financial support to help FIs develop a WSS product line within their portfolio.

In recent months, Water.org has been exploring “Alternative Channels” for water and sanitation financing. Such alternative channels include mobile banking. This approach would also involve working with new stakeholders, such as mobile phone service providers and has the potential to increase Water.org’s reach and impact. Water.org is also seeking to identify opportunities to support small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) involved in water and sanitation service delivery. In addition, Water.org is interested in exploring possible synergies with agricultural and housing lending.

As Water.org is seeking to extend its operations to Tanzania, it commissioned a market assessment for introducing the WaterCredit model and the potential of alternative financing channels. This is the executive summary of the market assessment.


The market assessment was conducted by Goufrane Mansour (Aguaconsult), Justus Njeru (MicroSave), Yunusu L. H. Rugeiyamu (eMJee), Joost Noordhalland (eMJee), Michael Onesimo (MicroSave) and George Muruka (MicroSave).




Water, Sanitation and Hygiene





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