Tanzania Payment By Results

Posted on 31/01/2017 by Ryan Schweitzer

Aguaconsult was involved in a consortia which carried out an independent verification of DfID's Payment By Results Programme (PbR) in Tanzania.  Under this programme DfID will pay local government authorities (LGAs)  according to the progress they make at improving access to clean and safe water. So if a LGA has 100 functioning water points one year, and 115 the following year, they will get extra money for the extra 15 water points.  The payments are scheduled so as to incentivize the "low hanging fruit" which would be the rehabilitation of existing water points. 

Agauconsult was in the consortia with  ONA (Nairobi, Kenya), eMJee Consult (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), IMC Worldwide (Redhill, UK), and Statistics for Sustainable Development (Reading, UK)

The objective of the work of the consortia was to:

  1. Present quantitative estimates of the levels of accuracy of the Government figures for DFID to make results-based payments;
  2. Assess the underlying data management and reporting systems to report quality data
  3. Provide clear and practical recommendations on how data systems can be strengthened and improved

Aguaconsult was specifically brought into the consortia for its expertise and experience related to the systems review portion of the assessment.  The objective of the systems review was to:

  1. Assess data management and reporting systems
  2. Measures of data reliability
    1. coherence of database
    2. capacity of central and local staff
    3. transparency of systems
    4. process of data transfer
    5. quality assurance processes
  3. Recommendations to improve reporting
The results of this work were used to inform the first PbR payment to the government of Tanzania.   The final report is pending publication.   
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