Supporting national monitoring systems in Madagascar

Posted on 20/10/2015 by Julia Boulenouar

As part of our role in the Independent Process Monitoring and Evaluation for DFID/UNICEF, we are about to start an assessment of the national monitoring system (SE&AM) in Madagascar for the Ministry of Water.

Like in many other places in the developing world, a monitoring system has been developed for the WASH sector in Madagascar and over time, substantial financial and technical support has been provided to strength it. However, with scarce human resources to keep data flowing, the sector raises fundamental questions about the frequency of update, the reliability of data, the usability of the platform and the usefulness of the information generated. This assessment will look to identify the weaknesses of the existing monitoring system and suggest practical improvements within the recognised limitations of insufficient human resources and general budget allocations for WASH in general and monitoring in particular.  

This piece of work is part of a broader sector-wide effort initiated with the development of a strategy for delivering sustainable WASH services steered by the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene with the support of UNICEF and other partners.

Julia is on her way to Madagascar and will share more information on her way back!