Lessons on sustainable WASH from Timor Leste

Posted on 30/04/2017 by Harold Lockwood

As part of the series of case studies being produced for WaterAid to document their work on sustainable WASH service deliver, Aguaconsult has co-authored a report on experience from Timor Leste

This document is aimed at WASH practitioners and policy-makers working to develop the management and support functions of local institutions, ensuring they are well placed to manage services on an on-going basis. It seeks to share WaterAid Timor-Leste’s experiences of institutional strengthening in an environment characterised by limited sector management capacity, limited budget allocation by government, social conflict and intense climate variability. To achieve this objective, WaterAid Timor-Leste works to improve service management capacity, post-construction support structures, monitoring, planning, financing and accountability pathways.

This document describes two interventions that have evolved during collaboration with local government, aimed at strengthening the sustainability of WASH services. First, the formation of umbrella support associations that assist their members – community water user groups – with the monitoring of services, targeting of technical support, management training, and financial support. The second intervention involves strengthening accountability pathways and the voice of communities to demand improved services using citizen report cards.

Read the report by downloading  Timor-Leste-sustainability-case-study.pdf


 Association of Water Management Groups, Liquiça District, Timor Leste

(photo @HaroldLockwood)