Retrospective Currency Calculator

Posted on 06/02/2017 by Ryan Schweitzer

screenshot deflator tool

Understanding the costs of basic services isn't as straight forward as searching on Amazon or Alibaba.  Benchmarks maybe be difficult to find or may not exist at all, and therefore it may be necessary to review historical expenditures to get an understanding of what you can expect to spend now, or in the future.  Using historical expenditures for planning present or future expenditures requires making adjustments for inflation, or in some cases if data isn't available in one country it may be necessary to convert currencies.  

To fill the need for an easy to use, flexible currency converstor and present value calculator, with the financial support of IRC, Ryan Schweitzer from Aguaconsult together with Andrew Hodgson from Andrew Hodgson Design developed an excel based tool called the Retrospective Currency Converter.  This allows users to review historical expenditures and derive estimates that can be used for financial planning purposes. The tool can be used in three ways:

1) Change Past Year expenditures to Present Year values for one currency

2) Change Past Year expenditures to Present Year values and convert the currencies in the process

3) Convert currencies for any given year

Additional information as well as the tool itself  can be found on IRC's website