Local Government Capacity Programme- South Sudan

Posted on 11/09/2015 by Ryan Schweitzer

Through IRC Consult, Rene van René van Lieshout (IRC) and Ryan Schweitzer (Aguaconsult) are supporting VNG International in the implementation of the Local Government Capacity Programme (LGCP 2012-2016).  With financing from the Dutch Ministry of Financial Affairs, the LGCP programme aims to develop the capacity of local governments and local government associations in nine countries, including South Sudan where LGCP is supporting state and local government capacities in decentralization of WASH service delivery.  Together with VNG International, IRC Consult is developing and testing cost recovery mechanisms and community management systems to ensure reliable functionality of rural water supply systems.  This is done as a pilot project in Torit and Kapoeta North Counties which are located in Eastern Equatoria State.  

The theme of world water day 2015 is sustainable water management. Within Eastern Equatoria State many discussions have been held on what sustainable WASH service entails, but the political and administrative leadership have not been able to address the underlying causes of poor service delivery, namely issues related to financial, human, physical resources and information. The technical and administrative staff at state and county levels have limited skills to assess their challenges in service delivery in a critical way, or to promote solutions to address the roadblocks they face.

As part of the LGCP programme, VNG recently coordinated an activity whereby members of the local government took a short course in the planning, filming, editing, and producing of videos.  These individuals then worked with a range of WASH stakeholders to produce a “participatory video”.  The objectives of this participatory video making activity are to create awareness  and a change in mind set among politicians, state and county leadership and WASH actors towards providing effective and efficient WASH services.  An additional objective is that these videos will empower county WASH department in analysing the effectiveness of WASH service delivery, express successes and challenges in a comprehensive way and present these during a conference on sustainable water supply.

Here is a video describing the process.

VNG will be hosting an “Oscar Event”  to recognize the best videos, later this year.  IRC Consult continues to support LGCP with at least one more support mission planned for 2015.