Harold is the Director of Aguaconsult and has over twenty three years of international work experience, largely in water supply, sanitation, environmental health and disaster risk reduction, and in a variety of countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Harold holds an MSc Small-scale Engineering and Rural Development from Cranfield as well as a BA in Geopraphy at Sussex University. His expertise includes the organization of the water supply and sanitation sector, policy analysis and institutional reform and sustainability of service delivery. Harold also has considerable experience in Disaster Risk Reduction, undertaking evaluations of humanitarian programmes and policy development work. As well as three long-term advisory positions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nicaragua through the 1990s, Harold has worked on dozens of assignments in almost 30 countries.  He has worked for a range of clients including USAID, DFID, UNICEF, the World Bank, other private sector firms, international NGOs, philanthropic foundations and sector research institutions. Harold has some Spanish language proficiency. To contact Harold click here.